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Home Secretary/Related Articles

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Home Secretary: UK minister of internal affairs: senior government post, head of the Home Office, responsible for immigration, policing, domestic security, the prison system and related issues. [e]

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  • Amber Rudd [r]: UK Home Secretary (internal affairs minister) since July 2016; previously minister for energy and climate change and current MP for Hastings and Rye (born 1963). [e]

Previous Home Secretaries

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Great Offices of State

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom [r]: The head of the British government, usually the leader of the largest political party in the House of Commons. [e]
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer [r]: The head of the department of the British government that administers the public revenue, including the receipt and expenditure of money for public services. [e]
  • Foreign Secretary [r]: Foreign minister in the UK Government, responsible for relations with foreign countries including those of the Commonwealth. [e]