Israeli intelligence community

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Israel's intelligence community consists of three main organizations, one civilian intelligence collection and operations, one domestic security, and one military. There are also intelligence functions within the police. There is a coordinating Intelligence Minister in the Cabinet, currently Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor (Likud), who also holds the Atomic Energy portfolio. Each military unit has tactical intelligence functions, and there is intelligence analysis in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


Best known as the Mossad, the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations is a civilian agency with a wide range of duties. Comparable organizations are the British Secret Intelligence Service and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. A special function is helping diaspora Jews to Israel from countries where the normal emigration, or Aliyah, agencies are not allowed to operate.


Aman is the national level military intelligence agency, with a role similar to the Russian GRU or U.S. DIA.

Shin Bet

Shin Bet is the national civilian counterintelligence and domestic security organization, roughly corresponding to the U.K. Security Service or U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.