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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Geographic information system.
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  • Computer [r]: A machine that executes a sequence of instructions. [e]
  • Evolution of the human diet [r]: Factors in the development of the human diet in history. [e]
  • Global Navigation Satellite System [r]: A system which allows small electronic devices to determine their location (Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude) as well as time with an accuracy of up to a few centimetres using time signals transmitted along a line of sight by radio from satellites. [e]
  • History of geography [r]: Chronology of the development and history of geography. [e]
  • Landscape ecology [r]: Science of studying and improving the relationship between spatial pattern and ecological processes on a multitude of landscape scales and organizational levels. [e]
  • Mashup [r]: An integrated application created by combining data and services of multiple applications. On the web, "mashup" typically refers to the combining of geographical location information with a service such as Google maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth. [e]
  • Scientific visualization [r]: The graphical representation of scientific data using computers and in particular techniques from computer graphics. [e]