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Emergency management/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Emergency management.
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  • Emergency medical service [r]: The system of field medical support from an incident of injury or disease, to activation of the emergency service, to field and in-transit stabilization, until handoff to definitive medical care [e]
  • Emergency medicine [r]: Emergency medicine is both a specific medical specialty dealing with the proper care of patients with unexpected injuries or disease, but also the provision of entire systems for such care, beginning with minimal bystander assistance, through field medicine, emergency rooms and trauma centers, and movement to specialized facilities such as burn units and interventional neuroradiology [e]
  • Field medicine [r]: Planning, managing and performing medical services in the pre-hospital or non-hospital context, variously by emergency medical technician under medical control or directly by physicians (e.g., field amputation and other management of crush injury) [e]
    • Multiple casualty incident [r]: A medical emergency situation in which it will be necessary to institute a disaster response plan, but it is expected that it will be possible to treat all victims with available resources [e]
    • Mass casualty incident [r]: A medical emergency where the number and severity of victims is expected to overwhelm available resources, requiring a decision to defer treatment and provide comfort care only to those who have no realistic chance of survival [e]
    • Triage [r]: The process of sorting victims of disease or violence, so the greatest number can be helped with the available resources, and treatment prioritized to have the best chance of preserving life. [e]
  • Firefighting [r]: The act of extinguishing dangerous fires. [e]
  • Incident Command System [r]: An increasingly worldwide set of procedures and doctrines for operational response to emergencies requiring response from different organizations, ranging from multiple units of the same local fire department or police force, to major disasters covering large regions and requiring national or international resources [e]
  • Police [r]: Organized government officials responsible for enforcing the criminal law of their locality, responding to designated emergencies, and various duties considered appropriate by their culture and government [e]

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