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  • Acute radiation syndrome [r]: Disease or death caused by whole-body irradiation, over a short period of time, with a significant quantity of penetrating radiation [e]
  • Emergency Medical Technician [r]: Paramedical personnel trained to provide basic emergency care and life support under the supervision of physicians and/or nurses. [e]
  • Emergency medical system [r]: Under physician control, a system beginning with methods for invoking it, delivering field medicine and transporting patients by emergency medical technicians, emergency physician response and triage [e]
  • Incident Command System [r]: An increasingly worldwide set of procedures and doctrines for operational response to emergencies requiring response from different organizations, ranging from multiple units of the same local fire department or police force, to major disasters covering large regions and requiring national or international resources [e]
  • Multiple casualty incident [r]: A medical emergency situation in which it will be necessary to institute a disaster response plan, but it is expected that it will be possible to treat all victims with available resources [e]
  • Oklahoma City bombing [r]: The 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, killing 168, by Timothy McVeigh, and a collaborator, Terry Nichols, with an anti-government agenda. [e]
  • Search and rescue [r]: The location of those in distress from natural, accidental, or hostile causes; on-scene medical stabilization and extrication; evacuation to treatment or other safe facilities [e]
  • Triage [r]: The process of sorting victims of disease or violence, so the greatest number can be helped with the available resources, and treatment prioritized to have the best chance of preserving life. [e]
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security [r]: An executive (cabinet-level) department of the United States government whose primary mission is to protect the security of the nation. [e]