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A timeline (or several) relating to Commonwealth of Nations.
Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation
The Millbrook Commonwealth Action Programme specified the action to be taken in response to violations of the Harare principles
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group is set up to deal with violators of the Harare principles.
  • 1997 - Fiji is reinstated after it adopts new constitution more in line with Commonwealth's shared principles.
  • 1999 Nigeria reinstated after its return to civilian rule.
Pakistan suspended because of military take-over.
Zimbabwe's suspension is made permanent.
  • 2004 Pakistan is readmitted.
  • 2007 Pakistan is suspended for a second time after President Musharraf declares a state of emergency and sacks top judges.
  • 2008 Pakistan's suspension is lifted when Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group says the government has taken positive steps to fulfil its obligations.
  • 2009 Rwanda becomes the 54th member of the Commonwealth
Fiji is suspended from membership after military ruler refuses to schedule elections.
Affirmation of Commonwealth Values and Principles including a call for the Eminent Persons Group to report on the options for reform.
  • 2011 Heads of Government fail to endorse all of the Eminent Persons report on the need for reform concerning democracy and human rights[1].
  • 2012 Commonwealth Advisory Bureau (CA/B) submission to the UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on "The role and future of the Commonwealth" [2].
Commonwealth mission sent to the Maldives following military coup [3][4].
  • 2013 The Gambia withdraws from membership