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CZ:Proposals/Separate Author registration from Editor registration

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Complete explanation

We will create two separate pages for people to register as either an author or an editor. Both pages should clearly state what we expect people to provide as information to be accepted into the project. The author page should state that providing an email address that isn't a free mail address is enough information to be accepted.

Additionally the link in the menu that goes to the [i]register as author page[/i] should be bolded when the user isn't logged in. This will help to direct peoples attention to the process of registering as citizen.


We have an interest in getting more people contributing in our project. At the moment the registration page is confusing and it's difficult for newcomers to understand what we require from them to register. As a result there are probably a lot of people who don't complete a the registration and become citizens. Having a clean page that provides people with an easy way to become a citizen should solve the problem.


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