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CZ:Proposals/Redirection creation bot

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Complete explanation

A bot should be created that creates Redirect pages whenever a new page gets created. The bot should follow the following rules to create Redirects:

1) If someone creates an article that has words that end in either 's or s the bot creates a new page without that ending that redirects to the original page.

Example: If someone creates Socks Sock will be created to redirect to Socks.

2) If a article has the form "string1, string2" the bot creates a new page named "string1 string2" and a page named "string1 (string2)"

Example: Someone creates French, history then French history and French (history) should be created to redirect to French, history.

3) If the article has more than two words in its title which aren't separated by ",",".",:","(" or "[" a redirect gets created for the abbreviation of the term that is created by taking the first letter of each word.

Example: If polymerase chain reaction gets created we need a redirect at PCR that redirects to polymerase chain reaction.

4) If a page with the name "String1 (String2)" gets created a new page with the name "String1" gets created with is a redirect to "String1 (String2)".

Example: If someone creates En passant (chess) we also need En passant to redirect to the former.

5) If a page already exists the bot naturally won't create a redirect at that page.


1) People who create new articles will have to spent less time on creating redirects and have more time for the actual article. 2) We will overall have more redirects which leads to:

a) Less people starting a new article when there is already an article about the topic.
b) People will find faster what they search.


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= Words that end in S?

How would the bot know what do with the many words that end in S but which are not plural? Caress, possess, compress, ...? To me, redirects are not time consuming, writing a bot that could handle this might not be feasible. David E. Volk 11:50, 7 March 2008 (CST)

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