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CZ:Proposals/Capitalization of CZ namespace articles

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This proposal has been discarded because it is not well formed.
The proposal record may be found on the discarded page.

Something this trivial does not require a proposal. If there is significant community support (or even lack of disagreement) and there is someone available to make the change--completely, if so, please--then you should make it. --Larry Sanger 16:56, 26 February 2008 (CST)

Driver: Warren Schudy

Complete explanation

The CZ:Naming Conventions article indicates that all articles' titles should be lower-case except for words ordinarily capitalized in sentences. Unfortunately, the majority of the articles linked from CZ:Home have all major words capitalized (title case). We should move all articles in the CZ namespace to follow our naming conventions.

An alternative would be to change the naming conventions document to specify title case for CZ namespace articles and lower-case for other articles. I don't see any good reasons to take this alternate approach.


Consistency makes it easier for everyone to find articles.


The "move" button should be sufficient; there aren't enough CZ pages to make a bot worth the hassle.


A discussion section, to which anyone may contribute.

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