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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Biogeography.
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Parent topics


  • Island Biogeography [r]: Biogeography that attempts to establish and explain the factors that affect the species richness of natural communities, and distribution of plants and animals on islands. [e]
  • Landscape ecology [r]: Science of studying and improving the relationship between spatial pattern and ecological processes on a multitude of landscape scales and organizational levels. [e]
  • Community (ecology) [r]: An assemblage of two or more populations of different species occupying the same geographical area. [e]
  • Habitat [r]: Place where an organism or a biological population normally lives or occurs. [e]
  • Ecosystem [r]: A space in which multiple biological species interact. [e]

Other related topics

  • Biodiversity [r]: The study of the range of life forms in a given ecosystem. [e]
  • Botany [r]: The study of plants, algae and fungi (mycology). [e]
  • Ecology [r]: The study of the distribution and abundance of organisms and how they are affected by the environment. [e]
  • Landscape [r]: The area that one's eye can comprehend in a single view [e]
  • Montane [r]: A biogeographic term which refers to highland areas located below the subalpine zone; generally have cooler temperatures and often have higher rainfall than the adjacent lowland regions. [e]
  • Geomorphology [r]: The study of the landforms and geological history of an area, the processes that have shaped the landscape, and the time period over which these processes occur. [e]