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Talk:Double envelopment

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 Definition A difficult-to-execute military tactic in which the center falls back, drawing in the opposing force, as two friendly forces surround the enemy flank and meet in its rear, cutting off its retreat and reinforcements. [d] [e]
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Good edits, Noel. Thanks.

I am thankful that CZ is not as compulsive as WP about having lots of graphics. Noel or anyone, do you think it would be useful to have a sequence of 3 or so block diagrams showing how a double envelopment works?

There are more complex modern examples where air strikes on the enemy rear are coordinated with the land movements, but that may be getting too specific -- or is the sort of thing that might be appropriate to an "advanced" tab. For that matter, this isn't so recent -- I can think of some twentieth-century, or possibly earlier, where either air/artillery or a covert force would do things like take out a key bridge that further isolated the enemy rear.

Is it too silly an analogy to draw a tactical analogy to attacking a road convoy by taking out the lead and trail vehicles, so the convoy can't maneuver? Howard C. Berkowitz 14:14, 17 May 2008 (CDT)