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  • ...s gives us a nice overview of what proportion of our articles are at what stage of development. Nice for bragging. ...also allows for alphabetical browsing; so it's important that we use that tag correctly.
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  • # Base runner is tagged out. ''Thrown out'' and ''tagged out''
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  • Systems biologists use mathematical, statistical and computational tools in diverse modeling approaches, in mathematical ...amples of the vast array of mathematical, graphical, computational, and biostatistical tools that systems biologists use.
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  • * Sometimes specific functions like publishing workflows, version control, statistics, private messaging... ...o them, such as the ''Associated Press'' or ''Reuters'' news services, and tag the information with data about their useability, including rights informat
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  • ...rpus is the derivation of a set of [[Part-of-speech tagging|Part-of-speech tags]], representing a formal overview of the various types of words and word-r ...ed opus, combining elements of linguistics, language teaching, psychology, statistics, and sociology. A further key publication was [[Randolph Quirk]]'s 'Towa
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  • Comparing likelihoods (or [[odds]]) is different than comparing percentages. (or probabilities). In [[mathematical statistics]], the likelihood ratio is the ratio of the probabilities, or probabilit
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  • ...s a technical term often used in [[statistics]], and especially in medical statistics and [[epidemiology]]. The odds ratio is the ratio of the relative incide [[Category:Mathematics tag]]
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  • ...icance. The incidence of some, such as [[venereal disease]]s, is mostly of statistical interest. Outbreaks of diseases with epidemic potential, such as typhoi ...f kidnapped newborns that most hospitals use hard-to-remove identification tags, and have alarms if anyone tries to carry a baby out the door if not appro
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  • ...hor Kumar of the UK Sai organization] "I have selected the best available [statistics], providing a range where adjudication is impossible... Sai Baba: Britai ...artment of theology and religious studies of the [[University of Leeds]] untagged in a table the "Sathya Sai Baba [[Fellowship]]" as [[missionary]].<ref>K
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  • use until the late 1950's. "National character studies" focused on the statistically most significant personality characteristics of the group (i.e., the ...main interrogator, should examine the Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) captive tag or other basic information giving the circumstances of capture: when, where
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  • ...achment is in the format defined by ITU T.37 specification to be a TIFF-S (Tagged Image File Format profile S) formatted document. While you can hear the bleepity-beep tones of analog fax, its statistical characteristics are not at all the same as of speech. High-efficiency c
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  • ...prevailed. Johnson was elected Senator in November, and went to Washington tagged with the sobriquet "Landslide Lyndon". ...his eyebrows rising and falling. From his pockets poured clippings, memos, statistics. Mimicry, humor, and the genius of analogy made The Treatment an almost
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  • ...what happened in 2006-2007 to cause the slowdown in activity. A Wikimedia statistical report has posed this question,<ref name=Report> ...nd suggested there may be a connection between the rapid drop in the percentage of Wikipedians making at least ''one'' edit a year after joining, and the
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