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  • .../30023/out.pdf |archivedate=11 October 2011 |url-status=dead }}</ref> (''potage bonne femme'').<ref name="Julian">{{cite news|url=https://pqasb.pqarchiver]] and L'Hotel Du Rhin.<ref name="Hellman"/> Diat was appointed ''chef potager''<ref name="Hellman"/> (soup chef) in 1903 at [[Hôtel Ritz Paris]]. In 1
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  • ...him than writing about it. Then he tweaked [[design]] to earn the partier tag and left the party.[[User:Supten Sarbadhikari|Supten Sarbadhikari]] 03:30, ...ool [[shandy|shandies]] and [[spritzer]]s if that took your fancy. Lotsa staggering around the bar after this party!
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  • far I can't work out how to revert that--will try deleting the subpage tag and fingers crossed it'll work. ==CZ:Recipes==
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  • **{{tln|Recipe}} *Article/redirect tagging
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  • The page later was moved to a Recipes subpage. :::: In the context of a recipe it makes no sense to give centigrade values up to two digits after the com
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  • ...You have to check off a few of those check boxes (including 'use the ref tags'), but just use trial and error and you'll be an expert in no time. I wou ...just do not see it. Several editors at the homeopathy just have strong antagonism to homeopathy, and they want the article to represent their viewpoint.
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  • ...te this page is not what is to be done. Thus I have moved the page to the /Recipes subpage. ...age and collected material, but it needs more work to shape it into a good recipes page. So, please, do not just leave it behind but continue to work on it
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  • Before I do more on [[kimchi]], perhaps putting in some of my recipes, please feel free to make suggestions. I wouldn't mind working on [[Korea ...unless I used crystallized (sugared) ginger rather than fresh ginger. The recipes I had called for fresh oysters, but I wasn't sure I felt safe with that;
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  • ...this on "main portal" type pages. I will try and explain the several advantages of this through workgroups forums. On looking at McClintock agan I think ==Biology montage==
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  • I am wondering if I have filled out the CV live tags template properly here ...eral references that the article is "approved" but it doesn't appear to be tagged as such. On the basis of my comments at the talk page, my opinion is th
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  • [[CZ:Markup tags for partial transclusion of selected text in an article]] ...Z:History]] / [[CZ:News Guide]] ([[CZ:News guide]]) / [[CZ:Recipes]] ([[CZ:Recipe]]) / [[CZ:Related Articles]] ( [[CZ:Related]] / [[CZ:Related articles]] )
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  • : To a different degree. (I know it is cumbersome to do.): Certainly the Recipes subpage, probably Related Articles and Definition (and main page), not ne ...ged all the [[Roast turkey (American)]], Related Articles, Definition, and Recipes to [[Roast turkey]]. Please make sure I didn't miss anything! [[User:D.
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  • I forgot to ask: Is the "inuse" or "underconstruction" tags used here? 17:51, 22 July 2010 (UTC)Mary Ash ...tags? I've forgotten most of the stuff that went on there. We use very few tags (or templates) here, particularly not "citation needed" and things of that
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  • ...ent and Workgroup Content categories as well as the Workgroup and subgroup tags categories. :::*{{tl|Recipe Header}}
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  • ...ent and Workgroup Content categories as well as the Workgroup and subgroup tags categories. :::*{{tl|Recipe Header}}
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  • ...ey do not see the watermarked image there! ''That's'' the central reason I tagged it out. Just give it a bit of time, the wheels will turn and we'll get The first time I made the Zombie recipe I made *one* for myself -- and felt woozie for about 2 days. Now I've man
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  • ...article after you started making edits to it. I did add two words: famous recipe. As this is a wiki, anyone at anytime, can add to an article. I could even Hidden category: Food Science tag
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  • ...- have I improved the article enough that you can remove the speedy delete tag? [[User:Anthony Argyriou|Anthony Argyriou]] 15:48, 3 May 2007 (CDT) == Recipe template ==
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  • ...sense? This is also why the subpages template has to be between noinclude tags on the defintion page, otherwise the R template would place the sugpages t ...e any evidence as to a possible connection between the brand and the drink recipe? [[User:Bruce M.Tindall|Bruce M.Tindall]] 00:12, 24 February 2009 (UTC)
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  • :::::I do like the fact it is dynamic, big advantage, i just question if in this case we need it to be dynamic. If the style sh ...g else is in layers. Upload is the time consuming part, but that could be staggered, we don't have this template on many pages yet. [[User:Chris Day|Chris
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