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  • #REDIRECT [[Moore Dry Dock Company]]
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  • '''Moore Dry Dock Company''' was a ship repair and [[shipbuilding]] company in [[Oakland, CA]
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  • {{r|Moore Dry Dock Company}}
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  • ...ited States Navy]] and the [[Royal Navy]] developed [[amphibious transport dock]]s which took on this unique amphibious role. The last amphibious cargo shi ...pbuilding Company]] in [[Tampa, Florida]], and [[Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company]] in [[Kearny, New Jersey]] during [[World War II]].
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  • ...mmissioning|commissioned]] by the Navy on 30 August 1944, at the Moore Dry Dock Company's west yard, LCDR Ernest J. Grey, USNR, in command. ...a tractor-trailer platoon, an engineer company, a war dog platoon, medical companies, ordnance repair units, replacement drafts of personnel, plus water, fuel
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  • ...ull, under [[Maritime Commission]] contract (MC hull 1153), at [[Moore Dry Dock Company]], in [[Oakland, California]]. She was launched on 17 February 194
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  • ...-90) was laid down on 22 April 1944 at Oakland, Calif., by the [[Moore Dry Dock Co.]] under a [[Maritime Commission]] contract (MC hull 1190); launched on ...ed to Pearl Harbor on [[18 December]] to await repairs which began with drydocking on the 24th. She completed repairs on 12 January 1945 and resumed amphib
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  • ...(MC hull 1188) on 27 March 1944 at [[Oakland, Calif.]], by the [[Moore Dry Dock Co.]]; launched on 20 May 1944; sponsored by Mrs. George J. Kean; and [[Shi ...unt Hood'' tragedy, ''Uvalde'' got underway to unload cargo at East Murzim Dock. Completing that evolution a little over a week later, on the 21st, ''Uvald
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  • ...t (MC hull 1193) on 22 May 1944 at [[Oakland, Calif.]], by the [[Moore Dry Dock Co.]]; launched on 8 July 1944; sponsored by Miss Beverly Bartlett; and [[S ...nsuing weeks, ''Yancey'' finally arrived at [[Bay of Whales]], Antarctica, mooring at the [[shelf ice]] on 18 January 1947. Subsequently departing that "po
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  • ...eight 20 millimeter Oerlikon machine guns while alongside the floating dry dock at Aroa quay. She also embarked elements of the 7th Marines, their equipmen ...Bay]]. The ship spent the next six weeks engaged in training, particularly drills in launching [[LCM]]s and [[LCVP]]s and sending cargo to the beach.
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