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Welcome to the Citizendium! We hope you will contribute boldly and well. Here are pointers for a quick start. You'll probably want to know how to get started as an author. Just look at Getting Started for other helpful "startup" links, our help system and CZ:Home for the top menu of community pages. Be sure to stay abreast of events via Twitter. You can test out editing in the sandbox if you'd like. If you need help to get going, the forum is one option. That's also where we discuss policy and proposals. You can ask any administrator for help, too. Just put a note on their "talk" page. Again, welcome and have fun!

 —Stephen Ewen (Talk) 00:46, 19 August 2007 (CDT)

Approval, image help, etc.

Hi Launt, I replied here.  —Stephen Ewen (Talk) 01:00, 22 August 2007 (CDT)


Rather than images, you can make really attractive boxes with wikicode and html: Here are some you can use as templates for any other boxes:

Just click on the edit link to the right and copy the code, and change the text as needed. You can also change the width percentage and other properties, just fiddle around with them.

If you need help placing them, just let me know. Basically, the code for each box begins with {| and ends with |}. You just copy the code for the whole box and paste it where you want it into the article, changing the text accordingly. Have fun!

 —Stephen Ewen (Talk) 23:59, 23 August 2007 (CDT)

"Indeed, as we have said over and over again, the core of theatre is the actor/audience relationship. With it there is theatre; without it there is none. This is the only absolute and always present factor."

—Vera Mowry Roberts

"...the single irreducible element of all theatre is the living presence of the actor acting before an audience. It is possible to have theatre without a written script, produced without costumes or stage properties, in natural light, without the guiding service of a director. But there can be no theatre without actor and audience."

—Robert Corrigan

" thinking you turn into the person, if you think strongly enough. I think my character's thoughts when I'm playing a play that matters, because I am that woman all the time through."

—Dame Edith Evans


Launt, have you considered being an editor! I really think you should apply. We need YOU! Just follow the links from 'Project Home' on the sidebar on the left. --Matt Innis (Talk) 09:53, 24 August 2007 (CDT)

Good morning (here) Launt! I got your message on my talk page. I'm sure it won't take you too long to catch on to the Citizendium format.. but remember, it is your knowledge we want, regardless of your wikiabilities! We all started the same way! If you need some help finding your way around, feel free to use my talk page. --Matt Innis (Talk) 07:52, 27 August 2007 (CDT)