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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Optimization (mathematics).

This is a list of the available optimization software. The listed software is divided into freeware and proprietary software.


  • ALGENCAN - Fortran code for general nonlinear programming with interfaces with AMPL, C/C++, CUTEr, Matlab, Python, and Octave.
  • IOptLib - Investigative Optimization Library; BSD license.
  • IPOPT - large scale nonlinear optimization for continuous systems, CPL
  • L-BFGS - limited-memory quasi-Newton packages for large scale optimization, BSD-like license
  • COIN-OR SYMPHONY - integer programming software, Common Public License

  • CUTEr - testing environment for optimization and linear algebra solvers
  • OpenOpt - a free numerical optimization toolbox developed in Pyrhon, BSD License


  • Galahad library - free for academic use
  • KNITRO - large-scale mathematical optimization problems. Freeware for non-commercial use.
  • MINTO - integer programming solver using branch and bound algorithm. Freeware for personal use.

Proprietary software

  • CPLEX - integer, linear and quadratic programming.
  • Inverse - a software framework for utilization of simulation environments for solution of optimization problems.
  • modeFRONTIER - multidistciplinary design optimization software for computer-aided engineering.
  • SNOPT - a package for solving large-scale optimization problems.
  • TOMLAB - an optimization platform for solving applied optimization problems in MATLAB.
  • TOMNET - a platform like TOMLAB in Microsoft .NET.