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Lepus is a constellation in the southern sky, immediately to the south of Orion. It is also surrounded by Monoceros, Eridanus, Caelum, Columba and Canis Major.

Latin name Lepus
Latin genitive Leporis
International abbreviation Lep
Number of stars 103
Symbology Hare

Remarkable objects

  • α Leporis, Arneb, is a supergiant with an apparent magnitude of 2.6.
  • β Leporis, Nihal, has an apparent magnitude of 2.81.
  • R Leporis is an irregular variable star which was first described by the British astronomer John Russell Hind in 1845.

History and mythology

Hermes, the messenger, admired the speediness and fertility of the hare, so he put it in the sky as a constellation. As it was placed near Orion, this emphasised the latter's role as a hunter. It was also said that the Great Dog, Canis Major, chased the hare.[1]


  1. Perrey, Werner. Sternbilder und ihre Legenden. Stuttgart: Verlag Urachhaus. ISBN 3-8251-7172-8. 

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