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Antlia is a constellation in the southern sky. It is surrounded by Hydra, Pyxis, Vela and Centaurus.

Latin name Antlia
Latin genitive Antliae
International abbreviation Ant
Number of stars 85
Symbology Pump

Remarkable objects

  • α Antliae, distance about 370 ly, apparent magnitude 4.3, class K4
  • ε Antliae, distance about 700 ly, apparent magnitude 4.5, class K3
  • ι Antliae, distance about 200 ly, apparent magnitude 4.6, class K1
  • ζ1 and ζ2 is an optical double star
  • NGC 3132

History and mythology

Antlia is one of 14 constellations that were introduced by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. On his stay at the Cape of Good Hope from 1750 to 1754 he named those small constellations consisting of mainly faint stars. The original name was "Antlia Pneumatica".


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