Cao Bang Province

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Cao Bang Province is in Vietnam's northern border with China, for 314 km in the north and east. Bac Kan and Lang Son Provinces are on its south, and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang Provinces form the western border. It is 272km north of Hanoi on National Highway 3. of Vietnamese-Chinese border. The terrain is mountainous, with many lakes. Bak Kan and Lang Son Provinces are to its south, while Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang Provinces are to the west.

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Historical and Military

On February 8, 1941, Ho Chi Minh established his headquarters in a the Coc Bo Grotto, in a mountain near Pac Bo hamlet of the province. [1] He made a statue of Karl Marx out of one of the stalagmites, and named the spring running in front of the grotto entrance after Vladimir Lenin and the highest mountain peak also after Marx,[2] which the Ministry of Tourism plans to develop as a historical site.[3]

Cao Bang City is its capital. It was attacked by Chinese forces in 1979, during the Third Indochina War.


It is developing an industrial sector for mining and processing manganese.

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