Lang Son Province

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On the border of Vietnam with China, Lang Son Province is primarily agricultural, but, as a transportation route between the countries, is gaining commercial importance. Its Huu Nghi (Friendship Gate) is the northern termination of National Highway 1. It is 154 north of Hanoi.

China forms its northern border, Cao Bang Province on its northwest side, Hac Bac and Quang Ninh Provinces to the south and east, and Bac Thai Province to the west.

A land mine problem, resulting from Sino-Vietnamese conflict, has been reduced, but remains a hazard in some areas.

Planned economic development will create a Dong Dang border-gate economic zone, part of a Lang Son Province-Hanoi-Haiphong-Quang Ninh Province corridor from China, through Vietnam to the Bac Bo (Gulf of Tonkin) and other ASEAN nations. [1] Funding for border development is coming from the Asian Development Bank, as part of wider financing of Vietnamese developent.[2]


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