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Wilhelm Stuckart

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(1902-1953) Early Nazi Party member and lawyer, who was State Secretary of the Reich Interior Ministry and named final Minister in Adolf Hitler's final Political Testament. He was part of policy development and implementation for a wide range of Nazi occupations of other countries. [1] As State Secretary, he reported to Ministers Wilhelm Frick and Heinrich Himmler.

He had been a coauthor of the Nuremberg Laws, with Hans Globke. When he attended the Wannsee Conference, he objected to the extermination policy, saying that sterilization was more consistent with those Laws.[2]

A fighter in the Freikorps of Franz Ritter von Epp, he held the Golden Party Badge, having joined the Party in 1922. He rose to the General SS rank of Obergruppenfuehrer.


He headed the Interior Ministry bureau for the incorporation of Austria, the Sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia, Alsace-Lorraine and Luxembourg, the Southeastern Territories, and Norway.


Stuckart was a member of the General Council of the Four Year Plan.


Released in 1949, he died in a car incident in 1953. While this is usually called an accident, there is speculation it may have been a killing of a perceived war criminal.[2]
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