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Ministries Case (NMT)

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One of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, the Ministries Case, also known as the Wilhelmstrasse Case after the location of the main government area in Berlin, and formally as Case No. 11, United States against Ernst von Weizsaecker et al., was a complex prosecution of civil servants and SS headquarters personnel, for planning and implementing war crimes in Germany and Nazi-occupied countries. The largest share of defendants belonged to the Reich Foreign Office.

Defendants were accused of crimes against peace with respect to:[1]

  • Austria (March 1938)
  • Czechoslovakia (October 1938 and March 1939)
  • Poland, the United Kingdom, and France (September 1939)
  • Denmark and Norway (April 1940)
  • Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (May 1940)
  • Yugoslavia and Greece (April 1941)
  • Soviet Union (June 1941)
  • United States of America (December 1941)

Defendants and sentences


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