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A U.S. weekly newspaper and online publication, the Weekly Standard was founded in 1995. Its editors are William Kristol and Fred Barnes.[1] Its emphasis is on analysis and opinion, from a generally American conservative and neoconservative standpoint, although it tends to emphasize current Republican Party (United States) trends than the more theoretical neoconservative ideas.

While American political publications can be quite influential, they rarely are profitable and often are subsidized. In the case of the Standard, it started with the help of a $3 million annual subsidy from publisher Rupert Murdoch, like the subsidies received by National Review, The Nation and Commentary. Murdoch's interests have been more complex, in that he also has ownership in Fox News, which can bring a Standard article to a larger audience; writers can be paid by Kristol, or by associated think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute.[2] In June 2009, it was acquired by the Clarity Media Group, which suggested that it believes it can grow its commercial viablility; the firm owns the San Francisco Examiner and Washington Examiner.[3] Others, however, believe that Clarity's controlling stockholder, Philip Anschutz, does not expect to make money but to give him greater conservative influence.


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