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A list of key readings about Walter Scott.
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Scott's writings

Original collection

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (3 vols). 1802-3

Long narrative poems

The Lay of the Last Minstrel. 1805
Marmion. 1808
The Lady of the Lake. 1810
Rokeby. 1813
The Bridal of Triermain. 1813
The Lord of the Isles. 1815
Harold the Dauntless. 1817


Waverley, or 'Tis sixty years since. 1814
Guy Mannering. 1815
The Antiquary. 1816
Tales of my Landlord, first series:
The Black Dwarf. 1816
Old Mortality. 1816
Tales of my Landlord, second series:
Rob Roy. 1817
The Heart of Midlothian. 1818
Tales of my Landlord, third series:
The Bride of Lammermoor. 1819
A Legend of Montrose. 1819
Ivanhoe. 1819
The Monastery. 1820
The Abbot. 1820
Kenilworth. 1821
The Pirate. 1821
The Fortunes of Nigel. 1822
Peveril of the Peak. 1823
Quentin Durward. 1823
St Ronan's Well. 1823
Redgauntlet. 1824
Tales of the Crusaders
The Betrothed. 1825
The Talisman. 1825
Woodstock. 1826
Chronicles of the Canongate, first series - see below: Short stories
Chronicles of the Canongate, second series:
The Fair Maid of Perth, 1828
Anne of Geierstein, 1829
Tales of my Landlord, fourth series:
Count Robert of Paris, 1831
Castle Dangerous, 1831

Short stories

Chronicles of the Canongate, first series, 1827
The Highland Widow
The Two Drovers
The Surgeon's Daughter


Halidon Hill, 1822
MacDuff's Cross, 1823
The Doom of Devorgoil, a melodrama, 1830
Auchindrane, or the Ayrshire Tragedy, 1830

History and Biography

Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 1827
Tales of a Grandfather, 1827-30
History of Scotland, 1829-30
See also, below, Scott's Letters, and his Journal

Writings about Scott

Biographies etc

The letters of Sir Walter Scott. ed. H. J. C. Grierson and others, centenary edn, 12 vols. Constable. 1932-8
The Journal of Sir Walter Scott. ed. W. E. K. Anderson. Oxford University Press. 1972
Lockhart, J G. Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter Scott. 7 vols. Robert Cadell. 1837–8
Johnson, E. Sir Walter Scott: the great unknown, 2 vols. Hamish Hamilton. 1970
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