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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

Hourglass drawing.svg Where Tomas lives it is approximately: 14:22 (in winter) or 15:22 (in summer)

Veteran Wikipedia editor (User:Rursus) that is going to try out Citizendium in order to get a clearer idea what regime is missing in Wikipedia to eliminate bullies and desinformers (so called POV-pushers) that are formally keeping policy but deteriorating the articles. However: I will forsake neither Wikipedia nor Citizendium – I'm neither a refugee from Wikipedia, nor a dissenter, and I like the informal culture of Wikipedia – but the quality of some articles in Wikipedia, not only religion and philosophy, but the ueber-factual tone of some physics articles annoy me, so I will try the Citizendium culture too.

Having an interest in linguistics, logics and semantics, I'm not a Citizendium "citizen", I'm a Citizendium "citizendian", since I dislike designed confusions. I'm a Swedish "citizen" but a Citizendium "citizendian".

My interests regard astronomy, mythology, religion, philosophy, linguistics and history, although I'm a computer "engineer" with some university degrees. I think that the manual CZ:Article mechanics is just common sense and a "but I took that for granted as a Wikipedia policy too".

Edit mode


  1. fixup articles that interest me:
    1. improve intro a. to completeness, b. then make intro more intelligible according to CZ:Article mechanics,
    2. improve sections, a. make them follow from intro, b. make them complete, c. make them intelligible and coherent,
    3. add/remove supplementary info as needed: images, examples, code, formulae
  2. do red links (from the fixed article).

Stubs/Drafts: the welcome message asked me to add some draft articles: I'll draft things only if there are other evolved articles that need those drafts, so before my new articles come, I'll prefer to improve articles that already exist.