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I am a professional mathematician at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna (Austria), where I have been engaged both in teaching and research (mainly discrete geometry).

I have a broad interest in (almost) all subjects of mathematics, mathematical logic, computer science, history of mathematics (and science), (and applications of mathematics).

Equally, I am also interested in many aspects of human culture.

CZ Editor
Editorial Council: my general position and some specific suggestions. My EC wiki user page.

" A D N C S T M C G H ( s N A a ) d c s /

Neighbourhood (topology) Boundary point

Cardinality Continuum hypothesis Countable set Aleph-0 Hilbert's hotel Finite set

Euler's theorem (rotation)

Divisibility Greatest common divisor Least common multiple

Natural number

Percentile Quantile

necessary and sufficient

Arithmetic sequence Geometric sequence Geometric series