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Category:Speedy Deletion Requests

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Category of pages tagged for {{speedydelete}}. See also Articles for deletion.

  • If you have a page that you need an administrator to delete, simply copy and paste the following code to the top of the article you wish to be deleted and specify the reason in place of REASON.
  • Do not use {{speedydelete|REASON|~~~~}} (without the 'noinclude'), as this may cause problems with templates and pages that build upon them, especially definitions and related articles.
  • Alternatively, you can use
<{{subst:fast del|REASON|~~~~}}>
  • Because talk pages are difficult for administrators to find (see below) — in particular, if the main page is a redirect — please mark the corresponding main page (on the first line) with:

Thank you!

Note to administrators:

Can't find the speedy delete template? Due to the vagaries of the internal workings of the categorization system, if, for some (generally mistaken) reason, Talk:Foo is tagged with this particular category of Speedy Deletion Request, Foo will then show up in the list below. To easily detect when this is happening, look at which heading letter section the article is listed under; if it's under T, even though the article itself starts with some other letter such as F, then it's probably the associated Talk: page that has been listed for Speedy Deletion.

The solution is for the administrator to go to the Talk: page of the article in question and either remove the template or to delete the entire page. After the Talk: page is deleted, the administrator should then make sure that the Foo page is also deleted.

This category currently contains no pages or media.