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to do list

Walt Whitman by photographer George C. Cox. 1887 in New York
Constellations Ursa major and Ursa minor with Polaris, the North Star



Interwiki links, such as [[Wikipedia:aardvark]], which renders as Wikipedia:aardvark

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Test Template


   The number of users is: 37  |  The number of users is: 37 

User:Pat_Palmer exists.

User:Pat_Palmer1 exists.

The Move Template

The Every page template

subpages cluster creation (manual)

To create a CZ subpages article called My_Article:

  • create My_Article and add {{subpages}} as its first line
  1. use CZ:Templates to create Template:My_Article/Metadata and populate it with metadata
  2. create Talk:My_Article and add {{subpages}} as its first line
  1. optionally, create My_Article/Related_Articles (optional) and add {{subpages}} as its first line
  2. optionally, create My_Article/Bibliography (optional) and add {{subpages}} as its first line
  3. optionally, create My_Article/External_Links (optional) and add {{subpages}} as its first line
  1. optionally, create My_Article/Definition

server migrations chores

  • Migration began on 3/5/2022 (asked users not to edit in old server any more).
  • DNS fully cut over on 3/20/2022.
  • old server was shut down on May 20, 2022

To do (NEW server)

  • test r and rpl templates for bad links to missing definitions, etc
  • document new extensions (including ZWI)
  • Update this? CZ:Extensions
  • find a way to automate create a new page with subpages
  • external links not being created (per code added to the bottom of Mediawiki:common.js; works in old server)

code snippets

  • Instant Commons photo link:
[[File:Jumbo_Peak_3482.JPG|thumb|A picture from Dark Peaks which is in Wikimedia Commons is now embedded in this Wiki]]

  • List subpages of this page
<splist sortby=title liststyle=ordered showpath=no />
  • Table



Google Analytics

The following articles have seen a fair amount of readership via web searches:

Workgroup header templates

Special note:

  • Template:Workgroup - Discussion page (OLD) and Discussion page (NEW) differ; work on spacing to make smaller?

Other templates

Templates to look at sometime:

Ad verbiage

The Citizendium wants to be a small, supportive community of collaborators who work on articles which could not be developed in Wikipedia, that are different from what Wikipedia now offers, though not necessarily either better or worse. Please understand that we love Wikipedia; most of us consult it several times per day. But we also understand its limitations, and that's why we support The Citizendium also, not as a competitor but as supplement. We acknowledge and honor Wikipedia's successes in seeking to be a complete compendium of everything; it would be futile to duplicate that effort. We also believe that the philosophy of "less is more" sometimes applies, where an important aspect of a topic can be emphasized without trying to include everything known about a given topic in a single article.

The Citizendium provides a different kind of collaborative environment than Wikipedia now offers. We use real names, and we have a modest number of active authors so that it becomes possible to know each other well. We strive for objectivity and quality--and civility. We consider ourselves to be a community. To help address control issues, we're open to having multiple articles developed on a single topic (to be located via a disambiguation page). For those who want more fully lead the direction of an article, we allow "lead authors" on articles. Led articles can still be collaborations, but the declared article leaders are the ones who get to guide the direction and emphasis of the article.

We have no problem whatsoever with people using The Citizendium as a staging area for an article to be copied elsewhere later (such as to Wikipedia, where it will likely be seen by more eyes). This is legal, with the following caveats: the article remains behind on The Citizendium (may not simply be deleted), and at its new home, attribution is given to The Citizendium as per our site license. In fact, we find these cases interesting to watch over time, to see how the two parallel articles evolve in their different hosts.

Digital object identifier (DOI)

External links: guide

Temporary testing area for link behavior changes made in this revision (and this one and this one, in my attempts to find out why it kept rejecting what I wrote, which works perfectly, but may have used JavaScript features newer than this MediaWiki version), per Pat.

  • Internal link that should not open in a new tab: Bernie Sanders (article selected by Special:Random, if you're curious).
  • External link that should not open in a new tab: Google.
  • Internal link that should open in a new tab: Bernie Sanders.
  • External link that should open in a new tab: Google.


Neutrality (old)

pat palmer

Note vs ref test page

References ISBN / DOI

Gill, Gillian (1998). Mary Baker Eddy. Perseus. DOI:10.1086/ahr/105.2.551. ISBN 0738200425. 
ISBN 0-7382-0042-5

Van Dyke, Roger Raymond (1979). Antebellum Henry County. West Tennessee Historical Society, 49pp. 

This is a test[1]

Scylla, or maybe Aeneid


Natural Sciences Social Sciences Humanities
Arts Applied Arts and Sciences Recreation

Write-A-Thon ideas

  • The Liberal Arts: History, Arts, Literature, Science, you name it.
  • John S. would prefer first one around New Years
  • Larry and several others like Sundays
  • possible SCHEDULE:
    • start 1 pm England time (6 am EST / 3 am PST)
    • end 11 pm Pacific time (2 am EST / 11 pm PST)
  • possible themes:
    • safe entertainments during a COVID-19 pandemic: such as: books, writers, films, actors, hobbies
    • from John S: animals/pets? Film (actors, directors...)? Planets?
    • from Roger Lohmann: Mysteries; not only the huge (and hugely popular) novels that go by that name, but all the other things that could conceivably come under that heading, from the trivial to the profound, from current affairs to deep history. (What happened to Amelia Earhart? Are there really UFO’s? Orson Welles’ radio broadcast. Who and What is God? Are there miracles? Who were the Neanderthals?)
  • From Rajendra Raju: There are also themes on (a) Motivation and (b) Technical topics that you may find fit to include. I suppose these would become articles ultimately after being cleared by the editors.


Monthly_Write-a-Thon (and re-enable table at top of landing page)

Lead author template examples

Ten examples of the Authors or Contribs template:

AUTHORS: 1 name

Authors [about]:
Jane Doe
CZ is an open collaboration. Please
join in to develop this article!

Note that '1' yields "and another author"; anything else (such as a 'y') yields "and other authors".

  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer}}
  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer|others=1}}
  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer|others=y}}

AUTHORS: multiple names

Authors [about]:
Pat Palmer1 | Pat Palmer2 | Pat Palmer3
CZ is an open collaboration. Please
join in to develop this article!

Let's see how the first one below looks (see right).

  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer1|Pat Palmer2|Pat Palmer3}}
  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer1|Pat Palmer2|Pat Palmer3|Pat Palmer4|others=1}}
  • {{Authors|Pat Palmer1|Pat Palmer2|Pat Palmer3|Pat Palmer4|others=y}}

CONTRIBS: invisible unless at least 5 contributors

Contributors [about]:
Pat Palmer | Pat Palmer | Pat Palmer | Pat Palmer | Pat Palmer and other contributors.

CZ is an open collaboration. Please join these people in developing this article!

And how let's see how the Contribs template looks (with 5+ names does).

  • {{Contribs|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer}}
  • {{Contribs|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer}}
  • {{Contribs|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|others=1}}
  • {{Contribs|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|Pat Palmer|others=y}}

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  1. Antebellum Henry County by Roger Raymond Van Dyke, West Tennessee Historical Society, Papers 1947-2015, Vol 33, 49pp; see page 32

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