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User:Nick Bagnall

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I graduated from university in 2009 with a BA in political science. My fields of interest include international relations, economics, education, public health, and public policy—in particular research on vulnerable populations in both the United States and developing nations. I also have entirely amateur interests in Korean folk art, Japanese architecture, Native American history, linguistic relativity, cartography, and astronomy. If the preceding sentences are any indication, I have a strong preference for the serial comma, which tends to remove (rather than introduce) ambiguity.

As someone dissatisfied with Wikipedia's editorial guidelines and culture, I'd like to help promote Citizendium's goal: to create a kinder, gentler, and better-written Wikipedia. I appreciate Citizendium's guidelines for article organization and presentation. Wikipedia articles generally do not flow well: a Wikipedia article's sections can often be arranged arbitrarily with no change in the article's readability. If Citizendium articles are supposed to flow like well-written essays, then it's a challenge I look forward to undertaking.

My contributions to Citizendium include: