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Yes, I know I should use the workgroup status system. It hates me. I can write articles faster than put them into a plan.



I see a need for a set of capstone/core/meta-articles that are below the level of "Computers", although they perhaps do belong on the Workgroup page. These go under the heading "Networking". I'm debating whether other than IP networking is still relevant; my thought is that some PSTN and probably SS7 material is appropriate.

There is "transmission stuff" that needs to be in there, which, with GMPLS, constrained link state routing for optical networks, etc., perhaps needs a meta-article talking about recovery frameworks, starting with MPLS and SONET-NGS, and branching from there. A good cellular person could help, as well as someone more RF-expert.




Continue work on Internet Protocol version 6, which also interlaces with the preceding three subjects. Create articles, or at least stubs, where I have expertise; try to recruit authors to work on gaps, or just to offload.


Health sciences and healing arts

Catalog, perhaps, of interdisciplinary medical subspecialties?


Military skills/branches/operational techniques/major platforms

The U.S. Army is getting remarkably silly about security. I can find detailed operating manuals for tanks, but every formal definition of the Armor Branch (i.e., responsible for tanks and other such vehicles) is behind a security portal.

Air defense

Getting interested now, with counter-rocket, artillery and mortar as a new mission, as well as things like the ADAM cell for deconfliction. Still sorting out the C3I-ISR, especially which systems connect to JTIDS, which to Global Information Grid, or stay in things like FAAD

Military History