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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Tony Blair.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.
  • Office of the Quartet Representative, Tony Blair the promotion of an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict and bring stability to the Middle East.Organisat
  • - Official site with details of Tony Blair's post-Downing Street career.
  • Tony Blair archive - official record of Tony Blair's speeches, films and podcasts from the UK Prime Minister's website.
  • The Blair Years 1997-2007 - BBC articles covering major events of Tony Blair's premiership, with analysis.
  • The New York Times - Includes short biography and links to NY Times articles relating to Tony Blair.
  • Tony Blair, issue by issue by Tom Bentley; English edition, Le Monde diplomatique, February 2003. Extract: "He's tough on national security, he has an alternative global vision, people like him and he is a beautiful, reassuring speaker. He's Bill Clinton without baggage."
  • Blair for U.S.President Thomas Friedmann, The Guardian, December 2002
  • Why does New Labour stand for nothing? by Josie Appleton, 2005, in Spiked. Extract: "Blair-bashing has become good sport for the commentators, as they line up to expose the prime minister’s character flaws: arrogant, a control freak, cares only about power and his own reputation, and lacking in political vision."
  • Tony Blair: A Decade in Power Photogallery, Time and CNN.
  • Tony Blair TopFoto photograph gallery.
  • Tony Blair Interview in New Scientist November 2006. "My advice for the scientific community would be, fight the battles you need to fight. I wouldn’t bother fighting a great battle over, say, homeopathy. It’s not going to determine the future of the world. What is going to determine the future of the world, however, is the scientific community explaining - for example - the science of genetics and how it develops, or the issues to do with climate change."