The West Wing (TV show)

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The West Wing was an American television program that aired from 1999 to 2006. An hour-long NBC drama, it was televised at 9 pm on Wednesdays for the first 5 years, and then moved to Sundays. It was created by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote the show and served as show runner for the first four years.

The West Wing starred Martin Sheen as President Dr. Josiah "Jed" Bartlett. Bartlett was a Democratic president who won his first election with only a plurality. The series covered from the middle of his first year in office to the inauguration of his successor. It often ripped story arcs from history, including an assassination attempt, a Presidential censure, and a federal government shutdown. It is loosely based off the Bill Clinton Presidency of the 1990's, as several plot lines revolve around the constant debates and tension between the Republican controlled Congress and Democratic Presidency. Like Clinton, Bartlett was forced to govern as a moderate progressive due to the conservative dominance of the Federal government.


  • Sam Seaborn, Deputy Communications Director (Rob Lowe)
  • Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff (Bradley Whitford)
  • C. J. Cregg, Press Secretary, becomes Chief of Staff later in the series (Allison Janney)
  • Toby Ziegler, Communications Director (Richard Schiff)
  • Leo McGarry, Chief of Staff (John Spencer)
  • Donna Moss, Senior Assistant to Josh Lyman (Janel Moloney)
  • Charlie Young, Personal Aide to the President (Dulé Hill)
  • Abigail Bartlet, First Lady (Stockard Channing)
  • Josiah Bartlet, President of the United States (Martin Sheen)
  • Will Bailey, Deputy Communications Director and Chief of Staff to VP Bob Russell (Joshua Malina}
  • Bob Russell, Vice President of the United States (seasons 5-7) (Gary Cole}
  • John Hoynes, Vice President of the United States (seasons 1-4) (Tim Matheson)