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Terriers of Scotland

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The Terriers of Scotland are a group of terrier breeds believed to have developed from common stock in Scotland, United Kingdom. As with many dog breeds, the origins of the Terriers of Scotland are often hotly debated. The term Terriers of Scotland seems to be little used outside dog fancy circles, and even then it is normally only used by aficionados of the member breeds. Still, Scotsmen and women point to these plucky working dogs with a great deal of pride.

The breeds usually included in the group are the: Dandie Dinmont, Scottish, Skye, Cairn and West Highland White Terriers.

Also of note are the “border” breeds, including not only Border Terriers and Bedlington Terriers, but also herding dogs originating in Scotland, or around the Scottish-English border. These include Collies and their cousins: Rough, and Smooth, Border Collies, and Bearded Collies, the ”Sheltie”.