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Example of a {{Unit}} displayed on a /Properties page

Units on /Properties pages get extra-extra-small (bold italics) font for cleaner tables.

{| border="1"
|colspan="2"|<font size=4em>'''Boiling points'''</font>
| [[Carbon/Boiling point|{{:Carbon/Boiling point}}]]
| [[Nitrogen/Boiling point|{{:Nitrogen/Boiling point}}]]
| [[Oxygen/Boiling point|{{:Oxygen/Boiling point}}]]
Boiling points
Carbon: 3800 °C
Nitrogen: -195.79 °C
Oxygen: -182.962 °C


It seems that <ref>notes</ref> comes thru as a proper reference when units are "transcluded", I couldn't get it to work at first, and it has only begun working after a wiki update. Confidence is low to moderate that this will continue to work as advertised.