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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Unit/doc (edit | history)


This template is multi-purpose:

  1. Format the units notation such that it can be compactly displayed in tables, etc.
  2. Remove the units for certain pages (currently /Sandbox and /Data pages) that may need to do math with the numeric (magnitude) value.
  3. Specify conditions under which the data is valid.

Please see Oxygen/Boiling_point, {{Unit/Doc/Properties}}, and {{Unit/Doc/Data}} for examples of usage in context.






<includeonly>{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
|'''''<small>{{{1|}}}</small>'''''{{#if:{{{2|}}}|*}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|<sup>†</sup>}}{{#if:{{{4|}}}|<sup>‡</sup>}}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|<br /><blockquote>*{{{2|}}}</blockquote>}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|<br /><blockquote>†{{{3|}}}</blockquote>}}{{#if:{{{4|}}}|<br /><blockquote>‡{{{4|}}}</blockquote>}}

Explanation of code

The behavior is controlled (#switched) by the SUBPAGENAME.

  • In the case the subpage is a /Doc, a /doc, or a /Properties, Show a small, bold, italicized, unit ({{{1|}}}) with an asterisk for note (#if: {{{2|}}}), sword for note2 (#if: {{{3|}}}), etc. Don't actually show the notes themselves.
  • In the case the subpage is a /Sandbox or a /Data page, do nothing. don't include any unit info. This subpage can do arithmetic operations on the data and won't want pesky unit information making things difficult.
  • In the case of SUBPAGENAME = BASEPAGENAME , we are in an article! Just show a small, bold, italicized, unit with an asterisk if there are notes. Don't actually show the notes themselves, or even more symbols if there are multiple notes.
  • In all other cases show:
    • the small, bold, italicized, unit*†‡ immediately followed by any symbols indicating notes.
*Then do a line break and show each symbol again,

†followed by it's note.

‡Up to three notes are supported, separated by line breaks.