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Talk:Radio Frequency Identification

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Welcome! Some general comments

First, let me mention some CZ editorial guidelines. Articles usually should be the spelled-out name rather than an abbreviation. You can use the MOVE command, at the top of the screen, to move RFID to Radio frequency identification, and then create an enty for RFID that contains the line

#REDIRECT [[Radio frequency identification]]

CZ articles are assumed to start with an "introduction", so you don't need that as a lead; your first two paragraphs are a good start. Your last paragraph about issues might well be the end of the introduction, and be sure to have subsections for security and privacy (define how you use them differently in this context; there are difference), and collision. Since one way of avoiding collisions is to keep the power low, you might want to discuss the many issues of RF power, as well as power for active tags, as a subsection or section about the interaction between reader and tag.

You will want to have subheadings. Something like "basic technology" would be good as a first section, with subheadings for the choices. When you refer to the frequency, you might want to mention, as well, the band in which they operate, using one of the tables:

Whichever you use, you'll probably want to refer to the specific band system in your reference. One way to express it would be to "pipe" in what you want to appear in the text:

[[ITU frequency bands|the ITU Super High Frequency band of 3-30 GHz]]

I'd consider having, as a next section, tag types, with an introductory paragraph, and then a second-level heading for each tag type, discussing its issues under that heading.

You may want to expand on the power issues, which relate to quite a number of issues, including collision, security, active device lifetime, range, and privacy.

Good start, and welcome again! Howard C. Berkowitz 19:24, 5 August 2008 (CDT)