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 Definition A 1960s Walsall band notable for having Robert Plant as singer, before being discovered by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. [d] [e]
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How can 'Tweedle' be an abbreviation for 'sound'? Ro Thorpe 01:44, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

A comment here was deleted by The Constabulary on grounds of making complaints about fellow Citizens. If you have a complaint about the behavior of another Citizen, e-mail It is contrary to Citizendium policy to air your complaints on the wiki. See also CZ:Professionalism.

So you'll correct the spelling mistake yourself then? English spellings/Catalogs/Retro E. ;-);-) Ro Thorpe 15:19, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Here is a message that has just come in to the Constabulary:

(Hmmm, there are some embedded JPG shots, I guess) that don't transfer over. How can I get them here? Evidently they are to illustrate whatever corrections he says should be made. Help, anyone? Hayford Peirce 19:03, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

Here is a copy of the message with the relevant images included. Chris Day 20:16, 7 March 2010 (UTC)
These images appear to have been lifted from the forum thread here - HOBBSTWEEDLE (sic) Robert's pre-zep band from May 2008. Meg Ireland 00:24, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

The article on Obs-Tweedle, despite being of great interest, is incorrect. I am interested in helping correct some errors.

Noddy Holder was not the roadie for Obs-Tweedle. He acted as a roadie for a couple of months at the beginning of 1966, for Plants earlier group, Listen.

Mid February 1966, Noddy Holder is looking for a band.

From March 1966 until 1992 he was never out of work and no longer available to drive Plant around.

Despite Plant's Q mag memories, "... and that" he says with an audible sigh, "Is when I met Pagey."

Hell No! When they played Walsall in Aprill 1966, Plant had to arrange his own transport cos Holder was coming home from Newcastle in 'Betsy'. Maybe Holder's Dad drove Listen that night? ;-)

25th November 1966, Plant is calling himself Rob3ert Lee at this time. The '3' is silent, apparently?

The 'N Betweens and Listen both released the same song in the same week.

Hari-Kari featured Billy Bonham on keyboards while Obs-Tweedle featured Plant on vocals. The 'N Betweens featured Noddy Holder and the rest of Slade, of course.

Mickey Parker ;-)

"s***** non sapiens"

Mr. Parker, thank you most graciously for your email. I am however puzzled by whether the purpose of your post was a complaint, a statement, or to discuss the musical group Listen. In any case, I have considered the merits of your points raised and have acted accordingly. The information for the original article was supplied to me via a series of interviews conducted with Mr. Bill Bonham, formerly a keyboard and bass player with various acts which you may be acquainted with, in 2009, and by additional correspondence with a colleague of mine Mr. Christopher Selby, an expert with matters pertaining to The 'N Betweens and Slade. Extraneous to this, the subject which you appear most concerned with vis-à-vis Mr. Noddy Holder's extracurricular activities outside of his gainful employment with The 'N Betweens, had already been addressed with a reference to a statement made by Mr. Robert Plant to Q journalist Mr. Mat Snow, in May 1990. I have no reason to doubt Mr. Plant's words, as after all he was there, and Mr. Holder is well known to both Mr. Plant and Mr. Bonham. There also appears to be some confusion here on whether you are referring to Listen or Obs-Tweedle, or perhaps conflating the two different musical groups as one. Nonetheless, the quote is not important to the overall context of the historical artist development of Obs-Tweedle, and has been comported upon respectively. Barba non facit philosophum. Meg Ireland 22:10, 28 February 2010 (UTC)