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 Definition A series of science fiction stories begun by Isaac Asimov, focused on the Galactic Encyclopedia Foundation [d] [e]
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Ah, but what was the Foundation creating?

I asked Larry if he lived in Trantor. He hasn't read the novels. Howard C. Berkowitz 02:25, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Comparison of Citizendium Foundation and The Foundation

Comparison Encyclopedia Foundation Citizendium Foundation
Location Located on Planet Terminus (formerly Trantor)[1]
Product Encyclopedia Galactica Citizendium
Methodology Psychohistory Statement of Fundamental Principles
Lead by Hari Seldon Larry Sanger
Leadership status Dead, but contributes regularly through the science of psychohistory Alive and well
  1. Is Terminus really cold?, does it have a wonky electrical system? *This is in reference to my current status.