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Foundation Series/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Foundation Series.
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The Foundation Trilogy

First editions

  • Asimov, Isaac (1951). Foundation. New York: Gnome. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (1952). Foundation and empire. New York: Gnome. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (1953). Second foundation.. New York: Gnome Press. 

Current editions

  • Asimov, Isaac (1991-10-01). Foundation, Revised. Spectra. ISBN 0553293354. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (1991-10-01). Foundation and Empire, Reissue. Spectra. ISBN 0553293370. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (1991-10-01). Second Foundation, Reprint. Spectra. ISBN 0553293362. 


  • Asimov, Isaac (1991-10-01). Foundation's Edge: The Foundation Novels, Reissue. Spectra. ISBN 0553293389. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (2004-08-31). Foundation and Earth, Reissue. Spectra. ISBN 0553587579. 


  • Asimov, Isaac (1988). Prelude to Foundation, Reissue. Spectra. ISBN 0553278398. 
  • Asimov, Isaac (1993). Forward the Foundation, Reissue. Spectra. ISBN 0553565079. 

The Second Foundation Trilogy

  • Benford, Gregory (1997-02). Foundation's Fear. Harper Prism, 624 pp. 
  • Bear, Greg (1999-05-01). Foundation and Chaos: The Second Foundation Trilogy. Eos. ISBN 0061056405. 
  • Brin, David (2000-06-01). Foundation's Triumph. HarperTorch. ISBN 0061056391. 


  • Manlove, C (1986). Science fiction : ten explorations. Kent Ohio: Kent State University Press. ISBN 9780873383264.  Chapters on ten science fiction authors, Asimov being represented by a discussion of the Foundation Series
  • Palumbo, Donald (2002). Chaos theory, Asimov's foundations and robots, and Herbert's Dune : the fractal aesthetic of epic science fiction. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press. ISBN 0313311897 9780313311895. 
  • Phillips, Nelson (2000). "Learning from the Foundation: Asimov's psychohistory and the limits of organization theory". Human Resources Abstracts 35 (2). ISSN 0099-2453.
  • Purrington, Linda (1969). The literary treatment of alienation in Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy. Detroit: s.n..