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 Definition A petroleum refining process that converts heavy residual oils into petroleum coke and other byproducts. [d] [e]
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Wikipedia has similar article

Wikipedia also has an article on delayed coking and I contributed to that article very extensively. However, I created this CZ article essentially by completely rewriting the WP article, reformatting it and expanding it with a number of new sections and many more references. I did the rewrite in my CZ sandbox before creating this article. This CZ article is now much better than the one in Wikipedia.

The flow diagram in this article is the same as the one in Wikipedia, but I drew that diagram myself before uploading it into Wikimedia Commons. - Milton Beychok 11:14, 15 February 2008 (CST)


If you place large images in the center instead of on the left or right, they will force the text to a newline as opposed to wrapping the text around the right or left hand side, formatting the text into a long column. --Robert W King 11:33, 15 February 2008 (CST)