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 Definition Various adsorbent chemistries in chromatography are chosen based on the biomolecule's properties and ability to interact with a stationary phase. [d] [e]
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Good work so far. However ....

Good work so far, K.H.! However, the first sentence of your article should define what the article is about and it should include the words Absorbent chemistries in bold font like I have written it. In other words, try starting your article with "Absorbent chemistries are ....." or "The various absorbent chemistries are used .... " or "Absorbent chemistries may be defined as .... " or something similar.

Then you should also create the Definition subpage by clicking on the above Definition tab which will take you to the Definition subpage ... and just follow the instructions provided there. Milton Beychok 04:01, 13 December 2010 (UTC)