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Solidaridad Española con Cuba

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Solidaridad Española con Cuba [1] ('Spanish Solidarity with Cuba') is an independent non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in April in 2005 by a group of young Spanish people in order to express their solidarity with the Cuban people, specially with Cuban political prisoners, their families and other pro-democracy activists, as well as the emerging civil society.

In October and November of 2005, Solidaridad Española con Cuba coordinated the first scientific study of Cuban public opinion, endorsed by important experts. Fifteen pollsters interviewed around 600 Cubans. The results, statistically valid, demonstrated that the Cuban people want changes and democracy ([2]).

Since its foundation, Solidaridad Española con Cuba has asked people travelling to Cuba to add a solidarity dimension to their visits. In order to promote this, the Spanish NGO has launched a solidarity campaign, with the slogan “If you go to Cuba take a good look, if you go to Cuba support them”. In accordance with this campaign, in 2007 Solidaridad Española con Cuba published the Tourism and Solidarity Guide to Cuba, edited by Aduana Vieja.

Solidaridad Española con Cuba in also the administrator of the Ladies in White website [3]. This site offers information about how to support the Ladies, who are relatives of Cuban political prisoners arrested in the Black Spring of Cuba. In 2008, the NGO published another book, Hablan las Damas (The Ladies Speak)[4] featuring 24 interviews with the Ladies in White.