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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Scheme (mathematics).
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  • Abstract algebra [r]: Branch of mathematics that studies structures such as groups, rings, and fields. [e]
  • Affine scheme [r]: Spectrum of a commutative ring R, denoted by Spec(R), is the set of all proper prime ideals of R. [e]
  • Algebraic geometry [r]: Discipline of mathematics that studies the geometric properties of the objects defined by algebraic equations. [e]
  • Category of functors [r]: Category whose objects are functors in another category and whose morphisms are natural transformations. [e]
  • Conductor of an abelian variety [r]: A measure of the nature of the bad reduction at some prime. [e]
  • Field (mathematics) [r]: An algebraic structure with operations generalising the familiar concepts of real number arithmetic. [e]
  • Schema theory [r]: Theory of learning most frequently associated with cognitive psychology and constructivism. [e]