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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Reuters.
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  • Aafia Siddique [r]: A Pakistani citizen and scientist, held in extrajudicial detention for five years for alleged terrorist ties, who is in proceedings at the U.S. Federal Court for the Southern District of New York, based on Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that she shot a U.S. officer and had documents and materials that may have been intended to cause explosions. Pakistani government representatives regularly attend the court. [e]
  • Farming with raw sewage [r]: Use of human waste to fertilise and irrigate crops; particularly common where water is scarce. [e]
  • Obama, Fukui [r]: (小浜市 Obama-shi) city in Fukui prefecture, Japan, famous for its historical connections to China and sharing its name with a U.S. presidential candidate; population about 34,000. [e]
  • Peter Grant [r]: (5 April 1935 – 21 November 1995), English manager and president of Swan Song Records, he was known for his no-nonsense management style and became a role model for future music managers. [e]
  • Whale meat [r]: The edible flesh of various species of whale. [e]