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Years active 1966
Status Defunct
Origin Birmingham, England
Music genre(s) Rhythm and blues, soul
Members Robert Plant
John Crutchley
Roger Beamer
Geoff Thompson

Listen were an English 1960s Mod-styled rhythm and blues group from the West Midlands, featuring the Tennessee Teens singer Robert Plant, lead guitarist John Crutchley, bass guitarist Roger Beamer, and drummer Geoff Thompson. The band formed in February 1966, and were managed by Birmingham agent Mike A. P. Dolan from the London-based Malcolm A. Rose Agency. Their first concert was performed at Stoke-on-Trent that month, and the group at the time also made the local Midlands press after having some of their musical equipment stolen. To make ends meet, when the band was not performing or rehearsing, Plant also worked for Woolworths in Halesowen, and construction company Wimpey in Birmingham, tarmacking roads for the local council. Listen recorded a cover of the Young Rascals' 'You Better Run' backed with 'Everybody's Gonna Say' (UK CBS 202456, US Columbia 4 43967), in October 1966. The single was not as successful as the band had hoped for and the group subsequently folded. Plant went on to join the Band of Joy in 1967.