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Quang Ngai

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Quang Ngai is a coastal province of Central Vietnam, and also the name of a town. During the Vietnam War, it was one of the four provinces in the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam's the I Corps tactical zone.

It is 883 km North of Ho Chi Minh City, with Binh Dinh Province to the South, and Kontum province to the West and the East Sea to the East. It is on National Highway 1 (1A), the Trans-Viet railroad between Hanoi and Saigon, and is eastern starting point of National Highway 24, which runs, via Kontum, to the Central Highlands provinces and then crosses into Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

While it had been one of the poorest areas of Vietnam, under the doi moi economic reforms, it now contains the Dung Quat Economic Zone, which supports the new oil industry.


Quang Ngai is the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh.

My Lai

My Lai, site of a massacre of civilians by a U.S. patrol under LT William Calley, is in the Song Ve valley of Quang Ngai province.