Pseudomembranous enterocolitis

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Pseudomembranous enterocolitis

Pseudomembranous enterocolitis
MeSH D004761

In gastroenterology, pseudomembranous enterocolitis is an "acute inflammation of the intestinal mucosa that is characterized by the presence of pseudomembranes or plaques in the small intestine (pseudomembranous enteritis) and the large intestine (pseudomembranous colitis). It is commonly associated with antibiotic therapy and clostridium difficile colonization."[1] The disorder is an increasing matter of concern, as it is one of the more common nosocomial infections, but is also being seen in community-acquired cases.


About 50% of patients with diarrhea after antibiotics that is severe enough to be admitted to the hospital have pseudomembranes on colonoscopy.[2]


Clinical practice guidelines address diagnosis.[3]

Sigmoidoscopy has a sensitivity of 31% in detecting pseudomembranes as compared to colonosopy.[4]


See also: Clostridium difficile


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