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Police forces

Role in counterterrorism

  • Counterterrorism [r]: A range of activities that prevent attempted terrorism well before an actual act is close to being executed, including killing or capturing terrorists; complements and can include anti-terrorism, or measures taken to minimize the impact of an attempted or completed act; counterterrorism proper is "enemy centric" rather than counterinsurgency, which is "people-centric" [e]
  • Hassan Abbas [r]: International law specialist at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU); Belfer Center Former Research Fellow, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program, 2005–2009; research interests in Pakistan’s nuclear program, including and the A.Q. Khan controversy; religious extremism in South and Central Asia; and “Islam and the West.” [e]
  • David Kilcullen [r]: A former Australian infantry officer with a doctorate in the study of insurgency and history, he is an advisor on counterinsurgency to the Australian and U.S. governments. His models draw a sharp distinction between the tactic of terror, and the conduct of wars that make use of that tactic. Board of Advisors, Center for a New American Security [e]

Other related topics

  • Civil rights [r]: Rights considered inherent to members of a society, the arbitrary deprivation of which is subject to enforcement action [e]
  • Terrorism [r]: An act, with targets including civilians or civilian infrastructure, intended to create an atmosphere of fear in order to obtain a political objective. [e]
  • Uniform [r]: An outfit which is prescribed or ceremonial based on one's position, employment, membership in an organization or societal status. [e]
  • Plainclothes [r]: The wearing of civilian clothing, by police, when uniform might be expected, as with detectives; there are specific rules in the Third Common Article of the Geneva Conventions about combatants wearing distinctive insignia [e]