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The number needed to treat (NNT) is a way of summarizing the benefit of an intervention to improve health care.[1][2] The NNT has been proposed to improve quantitative literacy.[1] The calculations are derived from the results of a randomized controlled trial of an intervention.

Two-by-two table for a screening program
Present Absent
Experimental (intervention) group Cell A Cell B Total in experimental group
Control group Cell C Cell D Total in control group
Total with outcome Total without outcome


Event rates

Measures of efficacy

Deriving the NNT from the odds or risk ratios

The odds ratio may be used to derive the number needed to treat:[3][4]

For odds ratios less than 1:[4]

For odds ratios greater than 1:[4]

The relative risk ratio may be used to derive the number needed to treat:[3][5]

The relative risk reduction may be used to derive the number needed to treat:[3][5]



Years-needed-to-treat to add 1 year of life is proposed to estimate treatment effects.[6]


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