Northwest Passage (film)

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The 1940 movie Northwest Passage: Book I - Rogers' Rangers is about Rogers' Rangers, a force of American colonists recruited into the British army in the French and Indian War, the American theater of Europe's Seven Years' War. The film was based on the 1938 novel of the same title by Kenneth Roberts, and both are sometimes considered politically incorrect now because of their treatment of the indigenous tribes often now called "Native Americans" in the U.S. and "Original People" in Canada, groups of whom supported or opposed the European parties to the conflict to various extents at various times. The Northwest Passage was merely incidental to the plot -- at its beginning, a map a main character had drawn of the Northwest Passage causes Major Rogers to shanghai him into Rogers' Rangers, and at its end, Rogers tells the Rangers that they have been ordered (by King George II) to go to Detroit and then on toward the Pacific Ocean to find the Northwest Passage.